7 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Motorcycle Helmet

The very first safety consideration while riding a motorcycle is to use a helmet. A certified helmet is the only thing that will save us from a major head-injury if an accident were to happen. It is the most important safety equipment for us. However, a lot of us are not aware of the ways in which we could care for our helmets. Are you one of them? Are you making these 7 mistakes?

  1. Washing it with harsh chemicals

It is not a good idea to wash your helmet with anything other than mild soap. If you are cleaning your helmet with petroleum-based fluids, you might be exposing it to strong chemicals and it might start decomposing.

  1. Not cleaning the face shield

It is advisable to clean the face shield regularly since it tends to get scratched and that ruins your vision while you are riding.

  1. Rough-handling

Although your helmet is supposed to be tough and protect you in accidents, it is not supposed to be rough-handled. Never drop your helmets on hard surfaces because it might impact its ability to absorb shocks.

  1. Keeping near heat

Never keep your helmet near inflammable objects or excessive heat. This could degrade the helmet material and you might not even notice the damage.

  1. Do not hand your helmet

If you are hanging your helmet on mirrors or on the back rest, it could lead to a degradation of the inner lining.

  1. Do not carry a spare helmet

A spare helmet often bears the brunt of bumpy roads and starts degrading even before you know it. Never carry a spare helmet on your bike that is not being worn by someone.

  1. Avoid using hair products

If you are using hair products regularly, you might be ruining your helmet’s inner lining. It is better to wear a bandana or a skull cap to avoid the products and sweat from touching the helmet.

To know more about the most popular motorcycle helmets and how to care for them, visit your local motorcycle store website.