Be Careful With Mixing Tyre Brands

The most often asked question related to tyres are if they can mix the tyres of different brands for their vehicles. Well, it is not recommended if you are looking for achieving optimal driving. The same tyres will fit on all the wheel positions of the vehicle which means that if you prefer tyres of the same brand with the same tyre size, tread pattern, speed symbol and load index then it will fit all round.

Most importantly, the tyre index, size load and speed symbol are according to the specification of the vehicle’s manufacturer for all the positions of the wheels. In fact it is required legally and if you drive a vehicle with some non-recommended mix of tyre constructions, speed ratings and sizes then not only it will be very risky but also it is illegal. If you want to upgrade your tyres with different constructions, sizes, speed rating and load ratings then better to seek advice from someone who is a trained tyre specialist and follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Also, check out the tyres Melbourne automobile showrooms offer. They are pretty long lasting and reliable.

Like already mentioned that better to go for the same brand tyres which will be perfect for the all the wheel positions. However, if you have some issues with the economical aspect or availability and you are left with no options other than mixing, then you can give it a try to mix brands and tread patterns only if the same brands and tread patters are fitted across the same axle. You can also mix the speed symbol and load index only if they are above the minimum recommendations of the vehicle’s manufacturer. The higher rated tyres are usually fitted across the rear axle in such cases.